"Often it happened to meet exceptional musicians in the most unexpected circumstances. It's probably my privilege provided by interaction with artists. One summer day, in Sibiu, at a tattoo convention, I saw  Anamaria Nicoara for the first time on stage, a bizarre circumstance to meet a musician. A beautiful and delicate face that catches the eye, a piano, a voice, alot of talent, and a magnetic simplicity. Indeed simplicity can conquer! I feel like a sinner becouse when she started to sing I began comparing her with other great female musicians, or Anamaria should not be related to someone else, she has her own complex artistic personality. I hope the public can receive all she has to offer. Anamaria Nicoara has only one destiny: success!"
Claudiu Cirtana - Rock FM

The  talent of this young artist was obvious since childhood. Anamaria was twelve years old  when she took her first piano classes from  Prof. Ion Criveanu, a great musician who bonded forever her love for music. In parallel, two years later, she began to attend pop music courses, at the "Children's Palace". She took part in several vocal groups, with whom won some awards in various national competitions. Also, during high school she started to sing in “Melos” choir, with whom she sang for eight years and side by side they won several international awards. Her musical education continued at the School of Arts “Tiberiu Brediceanu” and the "Student's House of Culture" from Brasov, where she followed the vocal technique courses. In time, her experience was enriched by singing with various bands on various stages.

 But in year 2009 something happened ... Her path wasn’t satisfying anymore so something had to change: "…since then I sing on my own, piano and voice. I began to write more music and slowly make my own way and become a musician” . Today she has a musical album called “Embraced” and two music videos.

Also in 2009 she met Adrian Uta, owner of "Fieraria lui Cretu" (Cretu’s Blacksmith), which embellishes her shows with iron made stage decorations. Meanwhile they got engaged ... and married, so events have "embraced" beyond retrieval.

In 2015 she graduated the Faculty of Music, Music Pedagogy specialization from Transilvania University, Brasov, Romania. The academic year, 2014, she followed the courses of Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Malaga, with the help of the Erasmus Programme,...."and it was great!" 

In 2018 she finished her Master studies at the University of Agder / Popular Music, World Music, from Kristiansand, Norway.

Anamaria is currently living in Waldbronn, Germany, where she wants to share her music

Recent participations in festivals:

"Gaudeamus" music festival for students , Brasov, 2012 - first prize, composition section;

"Iasi Music Star" music festival, Iasi, 2012 - first prize, composition section;

“Voices” music festival, Alba Iulia, 2013 – special award, composition section;

"Malaga Crea" music festival, Malaga, Spain, 2014 - chamber music section.

In year 2015 she graduated the Music Pedagogy profile from Transilvania University / Faculty of  Music from Brasov.

 Hobbies: “I love snowy winters and Iadore skiing on clear mornings. In the summer time I taste freedom riding my bike.”

I am deeply grateful to my teachers. I learned wonderful things about life, music and myself.

Thank you with all my heart Ion and Elena Criveanu, Ioan Pancea, Anda Pop, Cristina Puia and Valentin Muntean!