Mircea Rusu

"It was a joy to hear your heart singing intelligently, emotionally. I strongly believe that what makes the difference in vocal interpretation is a metaphysical addition, an information that gives to the physical sound simultaneous access to the farthest corners of the human soul. This is essentially, the grace that can move the stones. Well, you are one of the very few who I was fortunate to meet ..." Mircea Rusu

"The song Fields in the Wind was released for the first time at Radio Romania Actualităţi, in the 22.04.16 edition of Andrei Partos, the musical psychologist, and I enthusiastically conveyed this song to Anamaria Nicoara. She is performing at a professional level that impresses, but beyond all, she is among the very few musicians with simple, natural, pure way of expresion. That is, what we are missing from our agitated musical markets and implicitly what the public misses. Because we, after all the raids undertaken through various artistic experiments, after all the tours of the most diverse and interesting musical genres, we invariably return home to the homeland of our souls which nourish with the genuine emotion of simplicity, naturalness and pureness. We return to the very few. I am not surprised that she is still unknown to the broad public, as I enjoy the privilege of this beginning of our collaboration. We add next to artists like Narcisa Suciu, Alexandra Ungureanu, Alexandra Usurelu, another name: Anamaria Nicoara." - Mircea Rusu